Soup Spitters and Nacho Crunchers

Everyday millions of teenagers across America sit down at lunch to enjoy a wonderful meal, and everyday food is splattered over the faces of our youth because someone can’t close their mouth when they eat. Our table manners we once had died along with Elvis. Once while eating soup, a nearby friend started in on a very descriptive story of their recent experience with the stomach flu. In detail, the throw up was described by color all the way down to chunk size. Not only was the story distgusting, her mouth was wide open the whole time.

Revealing all chunks and spittles of her lunch. My appetite was soon lost. It is also extremely rude to tell those sitting around you about the fungus growing on their big toe. This, in return, shows your crunched up, saliva covered nachos to everyone in view. While the puss gets more detailed, the chunks keep flying! It is extremely rude to get chunks stuck in those that have curly hair such as I, so please keep the food in the tunnel, and keep the tunnel closed.

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Another problem that is spreading around our society is the need to relieve ourselves of gas and to let innocent bystanders know. Society is getting less and less private of when the appropriate time is to do our business. There are other possible ways to relieve yourself in a more appropriate manner. Having a burping contest while in the middle of a lesson is a huge turn off to those around you. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, and it disrespects the teacher giving the lesson.

So the next time you visit the doctor, or need to relieve yourself, think of others, and do it in appropriate ways. To all the Soup spitters out there, please cloose your mouth. Manners are not over rated! That will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!