Student differences

Years, parents and caregivers should: A.

realizes that this is developmentally normal. 3. The least acceptable language is: c. She is a special needs child. 4.

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Infants and children at high risk for developmental Problems: A. are most frequently found among families living in Poverty. 5. Developmental delay means the child: C. is performing like a much younger child.

6. A young child with a hearing impairment who can run And Jump as well as other children A. oes not need special services. 7. The theory of multiple intelligences: C.

recognizes that advanced personal and social skills May be a sign of intellgence. 8. A potentially gifted child’s abilities: C. may never be recognized in minority children Because of low expectations Venn diagram Student differences Children with disabilities have a hard time mastering motor, social, language, and cognitive skills that children who do not have a disability are learning, but with early preventive services most of these skills can be learned.

Similarities in the development of students without disabilities Differences in the development of students with disabilities Motor- children without disabilities can demonstrate traveling skills balance and gross motor and fine motor skills with ease.

These children may have some difficulty with holding and using writing tools, using fingers and hands and difficulty with balance and traveling skills. Social- children without disabilities can control emotions manage feelings establish positive relationships, and can solve social problems Children with disabilities have