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HRM Capstone Project

Organizations today recognize the importance of their employees in providing their competitive advantages. As such, organizations now adopt HRM (human resource practices) that help them use their employees to their benefit. Human resource practices have the ability to determine how an organization performs against its competition. Research today has shown a direct link between the performance and best human resource…

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Capstone Draft Four

Ethical/Legal Factors A study by Zohar (1999) indicated that when treating OCD, the issue of stimulating the brain deeply emerged. Any form of brain stimulation has the potential of altering an individual’s personality. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a part of what forms the personality of a patient. Hence, any attempt to do away with the condition amounts to changing a person.…

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Capstone Case Study

While still successful in it’s auditing business, other opportunities arose that allowed for quicker and more dynamic revenue growth. This strategic shift from auditing only to offering number of other services (automated bookkeeping, information technologies, consulting, corporate staffing) eventually led to a rift within the company, the separation of operations Into two companies under one umbrella, and the eventually severance…

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