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FedEx Company

Major Products and Services FedEx Company formed in January 1998 and incorporated in October 2, 1997 is an American courier business. It started several other services after the purchasing of Caliber, including RPS, a ground service for small packaging, Roberts Express (a company that then provided shipping services), Viking Freight (a truckload freight carrier), Caribbean Transportation services, and Caliber Logistics…

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Fedex Case

Federal Express. 2. 1970s: service was measured by percentage of overnight deliveries that were made on time 3. 1980s: FedEx managers concluded that high service percentages would not sufficient in the future – To strike the best movement toward 100% customer satisfaction. (as Frederick Smith mentioned – “The first time you tolerate anything other than a movement toward 100% customer…

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Case background in brief Faded Corporation, known worldwide, provides customers (Individuals and businesses) with a portfolio of transportation & logistics, e-commerce and business services. With annual revenues of over $44 billion, the company offers solutions through operating companies competing together and managed collaboratively, under the Faded brand. Faded is consistently ranked among the world’s most admired and trusted employers. Its…

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Case Study of Fedex and UPS

The location could not have been more appropriate. China was shaping up to be the world’s most significant market for air cargo, and Yank Yuan’s, director general of China’s General Administration of Civil Aviation, had just announced that China would be opening up its air cargo market to an even greater degree. The major global cargo companies had been picking…

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