Take a Second Look

At first glance you may only see a group a trees in the early morning, with the dim, blue sky in the background. You may be able to imagine the surroundings as this picture was being captured; the minty wind biting my bare, vulnerable arms, the beautiful notes of the birds as they sing their songs, and the ground that is damp with dew slightly soaking into my shoes.

Then you look away. What else is there to see? The sky? The trees? The power line? Nothing else to see. Many may walk away, but as you take a second look- a deeper look- then you will see that beyond the trees, the power lines, and even beyond the sky that there is nothing and at the same time, everything. As far as we know, the universe goes on forever and ever with infinite possibilities. Somewhere out there, there is another world where there is no technology (gasp!), and there’s also a world where there are flying cars and robot dogs.

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In this world, millions people struggle with depression, anxiety, bipolar disease, and so much more. At times you may think that you can’t go on, that nothing is possible. But somewhere out there, there is a world where you are successful, happy, and full of motivation. If there is a world out there where you have achieved all your goals, where you have survived this awful thing we call life- then that means you can do it in this world also. All you have to do is take a second look.