Teens Face Challenges in High School

High school, 4 years that have a big impact on your life.

These are the years that are engraved in your head forever. This is where most of our grades get lower each week, and our parents believe we don’t have a single care in the world. Here is the place where people say it’s the time when you’ll lose the most friends. Where things get more challenging and you feel like the stress is never ending. Where we should have the most fun and enjoy our last years as being teenagers.

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It’s where we grow up and find out who we are and what we want to do with our lives. But most importantly it’s the years full of memories that nobody can take away from us. So, it’s the first day of high school and your heart is racing since it’s just a new atmosphere, new people, pretty much everything around you feels out of place including yourself. You are standing there looking so lost trying to find looking your new classes just like any other freshman and pretty much all the upperclassmen since it’s a new campus. You see all these people around you that you don’t recognize and it’s just a different feeling. Weeks pass by and you feel like everything just seems so perfect and that it isn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

You wonder why people always said high school was the worst or rather the best times of their lives. Why they said things that still haven’t made sense to you. I always thought the majority of the friendships I had would remain strong. Just the way it is in most of the movies I’ve watched. Where everyone sticks together through the good and the bad.

But the truth is that now at days, reality is not like that. Now I see so many people who used to be best friends pass each other by and act like complete strangers. I personally have ended and lost friendships and it feels so different. Everyone seems to just go their separate ways either with their “group” of people or choosing different paths for themselves. It’s sad that things turn out this way because many of us don’t see this change coming.

We feel like our group of friends won’t ever be separated but in the end, it slips our mind and just happens. Many people change and lose their strongest friendships just to fit in and be someone that they aren’t. I feel as if we let society get the best of us. Then there are the grades that are like roller coasters, always going up and down. We all have different expectations from ourselves, some are low but most are high. None of us want to take school seriously now because all we think of is having fun and living to our fullest.

I soon realized that in 3 years I plan to attend college and it isn’t going to be given to me if I don’t take my education seriously. When you think of it that is what high school education is. Being capable to maintain your grades and behavior so you’ll be able to get into college and find your future. I don’t enjoy coming to school; the majority of us don’t. But what I believe that keeps us going is knowing that someday half of us will be done and successful.

Soon we will all go our complete separate ways and start a new chapter in our lives and be glad we got an education. We cannot forget about all the requirements from the state that overwhelm us all from the start of a new school year to the end. I know it’s good to challenge us but sometimes I just feel as if they want us to do so much in such little time. Many students are able to pull it off with no care in the world of their outcome. But students that actually want to get through high school with a good outcome don’t find it very easy. Despite all the negatives that come with high school, there also comes the good.

I personally have enjoyed having so many opportunities that I never thought I would have. Without all these things we don’t enjoy much, high school would just be another 4 years in the book. It isn’t the end of my high school journey nor am I half way done, but as I go on I hope that these will be some of the best times of my life. In fact, I just might like what high school is shaping me into.