The Affects of the iPads in Schools

The talk about the iPad coming to schools is exciting for many students.

Students like the idea that they don’t have to write notes and they don’t have to carry around their giant books to school. The iPads have numerous features and one includes the ability to read books on the iPad. The iPad is harming the importance of books. For years, there have been important books that have changed society and when they are on the iPad, they lose the importance that they have because it is not original. The release of iPads is hurting students because through the use of the iPads, students are not paying attention to their work. It started with Johannes Gutenberg with the invention of printing, which led to the creation of the most prominent company, Apple. The Apple company has created computers and touch screen devices that have outsmarted companies like Dell and the Hewlett Packard computers. With all this technology, it does not seem that stores like Barnes and Nobles seem important. The Nooks and iPad are taking the place of books. Most people can buy books on these devices instantly.

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Barnes and Nobles used to be the place people would go and find almost any book that comes to your mind, but now, even Barnes and Nobles are selling the Nooks. It is the first thing you see now when you walk into a Barnes and Nobles store. The iPads are replacing books in many schools. With the iPad, you can make notes at the side. There is no need for paper and pen. We shouldn’t introduce iPads to the school because they are taking a major role in writing and reading.

There is no real difference between reading books and the iPad. The iPad allows for a more convenient way of reading and taking notes but books are no different. Books are still very important especially for holy scripts which consist of ancient forms of writing and it would not be the traditional way of reciting prayers. iPads have led to a more convenient way of taking notes in school, but also a lazier school day. Most teachers do not know the different applications students use during class.

Most students play games or go on a website that is not related to schoolwork. Books ensure that a student is paying attention throughout the lesson. When you are reading a book, you cannot just turn to play a game. Throughout the years, the iPad has been becoming the most dominant learning tool and this will affect the education and books will not seem important anymore.