The Art of Multitasking by Modern Teenagers

You know what I mean–between studies and keeping tracks of your friends, activities outside school and a variety of social media, how can you keep the stability without outbalancing or causing one of them to be less essential? Teenagers living in the current era have problems in concentrating on school assignments because of the smartphones on their hands as well as the laptops sitting in front of their faces. So, what can you do to make the best of the future while doing the same with your present? It’s actually pretty simple, but everyone is different. If you’re the type to misspend time a lot, you can practice this famous third habit formulated by Stephen R.

Covey: “put first things first”. It’s much better to do your homework first rather than drowning into the sea of internet while surfing it. I used to do that all the time and in the end I tended to forget the hours I’d spent. Like all of you must have known, this is called procrastinating. I am no stranger in seeing this word on Twitter or Tumblr; people claiming they were stalling what they should’ve been doing.

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Procrastinating is not something to be proud of, because you’re just adding more activities onto your to-do list. When you actually finish something, although it is just a piece of words on paper, trust me, the outcome is really worth the effort. Most students would actually avoid schedules, because most of us can’t easily and obediently go through the same routine. But most of us would most likely write a list of priorities, goals differentiated from the length of time; short-term and long-term. For instance, you really want to get into that prestigious university more than anything. Then, you set up the activities in your life based on whether or not it concerns your aim.

If it does, do it with your best attempt! If it doesn’t, find something more worthwhile than completing games to merely satisfy your entertainment. Regarding the quote “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” if you’re not very diligent and easily distracted at home, it’s better to do all the work at school rather than leaving new tasks to do after the day. You have your teachers with you, your friends to help you, and the library for references. When you arrive home, you can actually have fun! A little note: if you have a homework, try getting a helpful classmate to join forces after school. This way, your focus won’t draw away and your homework will be done! To sum up, life doesn’t really end after college or high school.

The future is growing from where we’re standing now. With the existence of modern technology as the means of entertainment and community, we often forget that we can contribute to the world to give back rather than to take it for granted. It seems rather baffling to give up now when school doesn’t exactly define life. The art of multitasking and keeping the balance is simple and seen as quite petty, but honestly, the future is always unforeseen!