The Food We Eat

There are many types of food that we eat. In this generation, we have seen many foods appear in the market. Some of them are delicious but are not good for us. How important is it to be mindful of what we eat? Should we be aware of the origins of our food, or is it best that we don’t know? The first question we need to ask ourselves when we eat is if this particular food is good for us. Eating healthy is very important since food supplies out body with all the necessary materials and energy.

Food is the main source of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for proper function of the human organism. Whatever we eat, the main rule is to keep the right balance between vitamins, minerals and proteins and carbohydrates which supply the body with energy. If our diet is inclined towards using more carbohydrates that are quickly assimilated by the organism, the calories that we receive with the food are not used towards producing energy for the body. They become a “dead load” in our organism. There are some ingredients such as sugar, salt and fat that make food taste good but they will cause damage to our body when used in large amounts. What should we look for when we pick our food in malls? And what is more important for us – is the food attractive or useful? Another thing we need to pay attention to is that hydrocarbons, contained in food should be useful.

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That means that we need to use more whole grain foods, such as Indian rice, cereals and grains.Then we need to see if our food is ecologically clean. We need to know where the product was grown, processed and packaged and if any genetically modified ingredients were used to produce it. If, for example, it is meat, it is necessary to see how it was treated and if of what chemicals were used to process and package it. Grains and vegetables should be checked for usage of harmful pesticides. Healthy food should not contain any artificial flavor additives, colors and preservatives.

Cows, pigs and poultry are regularly grown with the help of hormones for fast growth and antibiotic feed additives are often used to protect animals from diseases. Those additives are not good for human bodies and when accumulated can cause failures in the human endocrine system or affect the immune system leading to health deterioration. Besides, when people use meats that were produced with the help of antibiotics, it can redduce the effect of antibiotics used during medical treatment. Not all people can afford buying natural foods at farms but following the above tips, one can greatly reduce the risk of using unhealthy foods. Many diseases are caused by wrong foods plus the situation is aggravated by physical inactivity and harmful habits. The effects of foods with high content of sugar and fats could be reduced greatly if people practiced sports and or moved more.

Hypodynamia, smoking and excessive usage of alcohol slowly kills the heart-vascular and digestive systems.Unhealthy foods are especially harmful for growing organisms such as children and teenagers since it is when their bodies develop and the basis of future physical fitness is formed. Thus, parents should be very careful about selecting proper types of food for their children, avoiding or limiting those that appeal to their tastes only. This way, when buying food at malls one should carefully consider the above recommendations. Picking products that only look attractive is the wrong choice. One should study all the information written on the packaging and have a general understanding of the food origin to protect him from undesired effects.