The Meaning of Scholarship

Being a scholar requires pushing yourself to the max to accomplish your dreams, as earth-shattering or trivial as they may be. We each have our individual purposes for challenging ourselves rather than slipping by with only the least possible efforts. Whether it be to accomplish personal goals, distinguish yourself as above the norm, gain recognition from family and friends, or perhaps be accepted into an elite college, you prove yourself as having not the ability to succeed academically through your ambition and drive. And, this is the characteristic that defines a scholar. By remaining in your comfort zone, you will live a satisfyingly comfortable life.

But you will always wonder, “What else is possible?” By living comfortably, you are not moving; by not moving, you are not growing; and by not growing, you are not living. Whether you stand still or take a journey, the clocks keep ticking, and life still flies by. God granted to each one of us our individual talents, and we can either keep them to ourselves to make sure they remain polished and intact, or we can share them with others to better ourselves and the world. With the intelligence God blessed you with, and you have the capabilities for great achievements in your life, including making a major difference in your surrounding environment. You step outside the box by challenging yourself academically.

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This is scholarship. Going above and beyond whatever your personal reason may be, and loving every minute of it.