The Service of Harley Davidson

The Harley Davidson Inc. was established in 1901, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is one of a handful of companies in America that manufactures and sells motorcycles within and outside of the borders of the United States. Any person who owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle often refers to it has a Harley.

The company deals with engine capacities not less than 750 cubic centimetres. The unmistakable vroom sound emanating from the tailpipes and intricate style of their motorcycles have majorly contributed to the Harley Davidson Company’s success in the world. The Harley Davison Company has become worthy to become one of the members of the prestigious Fortune 500 club. The company started in the backyard shed of William Harley alongside his friend Arthur R. Davidson.

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It has become one of the biggest names in the motoring industry today. Since 1966, the company had a major focus on the production of high quality motorcycles. The company itself is a legal entity, and since it thrives in the sphere where it conducts business, the recent recession affected Harley Davidson as an entity. The company’s mission is to improve and expand the line of motorcycles as well as the branded products and its subsequent services in the selected target market segments. The company has many objectives, some of which include offering a wide variety of motorcycle models for all classes of riders, for example, kids, men, and even ladies.

Harley Davidson makes sure that the products are safe and innovative in order to be sure that stakeholders and stockholders are satisfied. Harley Davidson Inc. has over 2000 employees and 1500 supply reserves in its factories. Their main area is the production of heavy-weight motorcycles that are safe and reliable to use. The company has been able to maintain and improve their clients’ loyalty not putting the brand loyalty in the background. The company has both male and female customers.

It is currently focused on creating light weight, stylish motorcycles that appeal to this group. Some of the threats faced by the company include issues as the increase in tariffs that makes reaching their clients in different zones, especially for those in the European countries. They also keep their customers pending on the order list, which also is an issue the customers do not take lightly. The company also has much strength, one of which is quality goods. The brand itself is a highly acknowledged and has gained awareness in the whole world. The company also has a reputation for offering the stable contracts.

This gives the company mileage since it treats its employees with the respect they deserve. he other strength Harley Davidson has is that it is a high market company. Harley Davidson, in 2010, cashed in over four million dollars in revenue. This was reported to be an increase comparing to the latter years. All this was accomplished by laying particular emphasis on certain strategies in order the company to adapt to the ever changing business environment.

The Harley Davidson Company has put into place four strategies that act as pillars for an uninterrupted growth of the company as an entity. The company aims at y building its businesses around the needs and requirements of the target consumers because of the strong intention to satisfy the target customers through modern practices that are ethical in the practice of business.To embrace the ethical decisions to be converted into a more environmentally friendly company, new and intricate technological designs were integrated in an effort to tone down on the GHG emissions. The company acknowledges the fact that there are many factors to be put into the equation that go beyond just designing a heavy weight motorcycle. Emission level is a very important thing since the exhaust fumes are let into the atmosphere with impending detrimental effects to the air that humans inhale for existence.

This is a very important thing since a pollution free environment benefits the whole of mankind and the society at large. This is beneficial to the business itself and the company since it creates all products with the preservation of the environment as one of its targets. This is very helpful to the business world since it helps keep lawsuits at bay. Harley Davidson’s products are compliant to the restricted levels of emissions. Another important pillar that Harley Davidson lives by is the continued product improvement approach.

The company is fully involved in the designing of new model motor cycles as well as adding modifications to the already existing models. The continued manufacturing of new models is very necessary for the company because it leads to product differentiation. T there is a wide array of motorcycles to suit the individual needs of the target consumers. A company majors in the production of only one line of products would be monotonous and limits the scales upon which a company can improve its products as well as sales. Hence, this product’s differentiation is beneficial to a company by all scales.

A wide range of products to choose from is also beneficial to customers themselves. They have a possibility to choose depending on their taste, financial conditions, aims or desires to reap the greatest benefits from the purchase. This is also a merit that product’s differentiation tags along from the customers’ perspectives. Leadership development is another pillar that is incorporated in the company. Professional and effective leaders within the company have the ability and flexibility to make recommendations and suggestions for the strategic planning and organisational path for the future. This has contributed to the current situation of the company in a large way.

This is also a reflection of the new strategies that were formulated and implemented in the human resource management department to achieve the organisational goals. The Accenture Human Capital Development Framework strategy of the Harley Davidson Company was adapted to implement policies and procedures of the employment people within the company that allow for the growth of every individual in the company. Human resource is a key element of any company that provides the growth of the organization as an entity. This is a double edged sword because these strategies serve both the company and people who work in it. This is a very tactical strategy that has seen swelling figures in terms of revenue in the company.

The last pillar of Harley Davidson is the sustainability of the company to maintain its present successful business processes in the future. Harley Davidson has implemented a five year environmental sustainability strategic plan with the intention of the reduction of waste, increment in water security, energy, and harmful greenhouse gases. The company takes notice of the fact that the success of the company depends on the growth of the next generation of consumers. This care and respect for the environment in which the company thrives is a very important strategy.Conclusion It is quite clear from this case study that every strategy set by the company has to have two sides. It has to protect its own interests while at the same time protecting the interests of those working inside and outside the company.

Harley Davidson is a motor manufacturing industry but has to factor in a lot of concerns that include the society in large. The company itself exists in a society, which has the ability to influence the dynamic surrounding and processes of running business. Harley Davidson is a very huge brand that is well acknowledged for its products but is at the same time concerned with creating long term relationships with its customers. There are many issues factored in when drafting the strategies of the Harley Davidson Inc.