The Storm

Hurricane Matthew missed us and our community.

Thank God for that but Matthew didn’t miss the Caribean The storm was deadly for them. My prayers go out to all the families affected over there. Here in Miami, they cancelled school thinking the storm was going to hit us bad and cause major damage. Matthew didn’t want any part of us though; I think he was a little bit scared of us so he decided to pass by. But again we were lucky.

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The storm went right by us but then decided to just ram right through Daytona, St. Augustine and Jacksonville. I have seen videos all over Twitter of how the wind pushed the ocean water towards the city. By doing that, it brought sharks onto the land! The videos were crazy there were cars just driving down the road and sharks swimming right next to them. I would be so scared.

There was also videos of a ginormous tree getting up-rooted in Jacksonville and tipping over and destroying a fence. There was mass distruction in all these places it’s just sad to see stuff like that happen to those people. This isn’t the last we will see of Matthew. Meteoroligsts have determined that another Hurricane named Nicole has formed in the ocean and is coming right towards Matthew which is causing matthew to wrap back around and come right back at us again. But they are saying that it should come back as a tropical storm, which is kinda good news. But all we can do is pray and hope we stay safe.

One day this will all be over. Put your faith in God and I can promise you he will answer.