Time for a Snack in School

Being hungry in class is a recurring problem for students all over the world. When students are at school and trying to focus on the lesson they are learning, they often get distracted and lose interest because their stomach is rumbling, and they are counting the clock’s seconds until lunch time. It is hard to concentrate and pay attention when all a student can think about is food.

The pressure is continually rising on students today as academic standards and teacher’s expectations are rising. Majority of students are also involved in sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities that take up a lot of time and energy. Students are forced to be the best they can at all times, which is very stressful. In order to stay on task and to keep up the pace as a busy, diligent student, one must be in their best mental and physical condition. Students need to constantly keep their body fueled with good nutrition and hydration.

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A solution to this problem would be to allow students to eat and drink in class whenever they wish. Students need to eat something healthy about every three hours during the day. Food with a good blend of protein, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, and water is the best method to keep the brain and muscles fueled with energy needed to stay focused throughout the school day. It is obvious that students need to eat more often during the school day, the wait for lunch is often too long at times. Skipping breakfast is a huge mistake because it is the most important meal for a student.

Students need to start off their day with the proper breakfast that will provide them the needed energy.If students start off their day with a healthy, beneficial breakfast, with addition to being able to snack throughout the day as they grow hungry and lose energy, teachers will see increased amounts of focus and dedication from their students. As long as students clean up after themselves and do not interrupt instruction or eat at inappropriate times, they should be allowed to eat and drink water in class. Being able to eat in class will better improve the activity of students and will benefit the students tremendously. With the proper nutrition and sufficient energy levels throughout the day, students will be able to stay more focused and willing to pay attention.

Eating healthy foods while learning will help them concentrate better, stay on task, and work to the best of their ability. Feeding the body is crucial for students to do well in school, and consuming food gives students more energy to stay awake. Students having the freedom to choose when they want to eat will also aid in student’s interest. If students are eating nutritious food, their brain can function properly and this can improve their overall effort and the accuracy of their work. From personal experiences, I find the class that I am able to focus in and stay concentrated in is my first class after lunch. I am fully nourished and have enough energy to get me through one class of full determination and focus.

Just imagine every class with the same amount of focus and dedication like the class after students eat lunch. If students are sufficiently fed throughout the day and are always replenished, they never have to worry about their hunger, and it will no longer be a distraction to them during school. Overall, I believe that food makes the students happier, provides them with energy, and will help them to get through their day. Students would be able to stay on top of things with the proper dedication and determination needed. If students would be able to eat and drink in class, teachers would see a drastic change in the students’ mindsets, increases of academic scores, and better student participation in classes.