Trending Unselfies

Giving Tuesday is trending at Arrowhead. It all started when the business department askedstudents if they would post an unselfie on “your choice media” and hashtag it “unselfie.” The business department did some research which lead them to Giving Tuesday, a national charity event to promote giving.

“Giving Tuesday” happens every Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday because those days you take things for yourself and Tuesday you can give back. “The department thought it would be a good idea to get students involved in giving this past Tuesday,” said Christie Klun. An unselfie is a way to promote positive behavior in school (which is part of Arrowhead’s Positive Behavior Improvement System). The department is doing two things for Giving Tuesday: one of which is the #unselfie, the second is a drive for winter clothing this month. Klun says, “It think it gets students to be more proactive.

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” “An unselfie is when you want to donate or sponsor an organisation. To let other people know about it, you write about the organization and what it is on paper then you hashtag it an unselfie. You can post it to any social media site and other people might read up and on it and want to donate.” said junior Alyssa Pietruszka. Junior Julia Schiller says, “I thinks it’s a pretty cool idea because you get to see what other students do outside of school. Like on instagram for example I’ve seen post from people who volunteer at the hospital, or that do random acts of kindness for other people.

” Ally is a junior who volunteers at the “Toys for Tots” organization where people donate toys. The toys are given to children in the inner city of Milwaukee. Even though Ally does volunteer, she has not yet done unselfie because she was unaware of it was. Ally says, “I think an unselfie is about giving back, but I didn’t know why students started making posts.” Pietruszka believes the unselfie is going viral. Pietruszka thinks it’s great because different organizations are now getting free advertising which can really help their cause.

Pietruszka unselfie was her work at Give Kids the World because she felt it needed more attention from people. ” The unselfie does inspire me to go out and do something in my community.” says Schiller “I think its an awesome idea because it give recognition to the people who do great things and don’t always get to be acknowledged for it.” Says Naython Rdiall Noel Manikin, a faculty member here at arrowhead said that she likes the idea of unselfie because there are a =lot of people in need. ” I think being unselfish is a good thing because there are a lot of people that need things. However, sometimes you have to be selfish and take time for yourself because if you don’t take time for yourself or do things for yourself then you can’t continue to help others.

” said Manikan. “I think it feels so good to give, so think about how you can give back and then post about it,”says Klun