Uniforms Free Essay Example

Uniforms Every day I wake up in the morning to go to school I have to put the school uniform.

I don’t like putting the school uniform on because it is wearing the same clothes every day and you don’t get to put on the clothes your parents give you or the clothes that you like. I think that schools should not have uniforms because it takes away kids advantage to express themselves and people don’t have the money to buy the uniforms. The decision of not having uniforms helps a lot of people when they go to new schools because the way they dress helps them to tell people what they like or how they are. Then the other reason is that some families don’t have a lot of money and the school doesn’t help them pay the uniform. The evidence is that the cost is really high for some parents that don’t have the money to pay $249 for the uniform. Also the other thing is that having a uniform is buying more clothes and not using the clothes you already have.

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The other reason is that a lot of people say that it’s better to wear uniforms because kids get bullied because of what they wear to school. But school uniforms do not cut down bullying because the bullies always find a way to bully people. Schools should have certain dress code like girls can’t wear short tops that show the stomach but the uniform is too far.