Free Essay on Upperclassmen and Underclassmen

Well first off I want to say that this is how I feel and what I’ve heard, it may not be accurate but this entirely my thoughts on things. Now how about them underclassmen, those freshmen and how they cause so much problems in school.

Or how about those sophomores that complain about the freshmen when they themselves were a freshmen not to long ago. How about the juniors who think they know everything and no one else knows what they know. And finally the seniors and how they think they’re much more superior than anyone else and that everyone is an annoyance to them. Now the funny thing is some of you all may actually believe all these things I said, agreeing with all these accusations. When in reality this can be applied to all the grades, the freshman can think that they’re all that, the sophomores can think they know everything, the juniors can complain about the freshmen when they have no right to do so, and the seniors can be causing all the problems.

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What bothers me a lot though is how the upperclassmen say that the freshmen and/or the sophomores are at cause of all the problems. I think that it is a huge load of crap to say that only the freshmen and sophomores are cause of everything negative. I myself am neither so this isn’t anything personal, but it isn’t right so I want to say something about it. I myself believe both the freshmen and sophomores are the cause, but also the juniors and seniors. But don’t think that I say that every single freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are the cause because that’s preposterous. That’s like saying all american’s are fat, or all african american is up to no good.

The other day my cousin’s friend was saying that she was mad at how all the freshmen are immature and that they belong at the 9th grade center. Before I continue, the 9th grade center was where all freshmen went after middle school before attending high school, once they finish 9th grade they move on to 10th grade at high school until recently the 9th grade center was shut down and all the freshmen went to high school instead of the 9th grade center. Back on topic, she said after where all the freshmen should have stayed at the 9th grade center that at least the sophomores aren’t immature like the freshmen are. I proceeded to say that why blame every single freshmen when she only knew the actions of the very few that were in her band class, and she responded that she blames them because they are not mature because they’re freshmen and they’re young and need to go to the 9th grade center like everyone else did. Now saying that ticked me off because she, an upperclassmen, blame the actions of a very few amount of freshmen, the underclassmen, on every single freshmen when I know for a fact that some freshmen are more mature than many juniors and seniors.

I told her how exactly would isolating freshmen he them become more mature and she responded with because they need that time to mature and prepare themselves, once she said that I was a bit angry with her response. Now I don’t know much about isolation but what i do know is that when someone is isolated then they become less knowledgeable when it comes to socializing. Now imagine that with teens who just got out of middle school going into a place where they know almost everyone who is there and needing to socialize with others because there is no one new to socialize with. Now it seems harmless to do that but if I were in their shoes I would be worried about how I’m going to be able to socialize with high schoolers if I myself don’t know what to expect, because I feel that’s the point of freshmen year, to know what to expect. So I told her this and she didn’t know how to respond and we ended it like that. At school I am always told not to be unkind to others, but isn’t it mean, unkind, or even bullying to be falsely accusing the underclassmen like that, is it not wrong to be acting like the underclassmen are the root to all evil.

I think it is, and everyone who does this should know it’s wrong to do so. Don’t you think that by doing all of this the under freshmen can go into a form of depression, thinking they are the cause of all this and that they should feel ashamed because I very much think that they would. This has been going on for too long so I am going to wrap this up. I am no one to try and change the way you live your life, I am no one to force you to listen to what is right. What I can do is state my opinion and express how I feel on certain topics which is what I did now. I don’t know much but i know this, judging everyone’s action by a certain amount of people is not right and no one likes it when it happens to them.

Then again this is all just my opinion on a certain topic.