Video Games Cause Future Juveniles

Most people in this world don’t understand the age at which a juvenile turns into an adult. Once you turn 18 you are legally an adult but are you mentally an adult? The main controversy is if juvenile offenders should be tried as adults. I firmly believe that juvenile who commits violent crimes such as murder should be tried as adults. Just think about it, is it fair that a 15 year old who killed 2 people should serve a 30 year sentence, whereas, a 35 year-old who killed 2 people is sentenced to life in prison? Why do kids choose violence? Politicians and media commentators say violence occurs because kids are being exposed to violent video games or violent TV shows/movies. Those same people also said violence occurs because of single-parent families or if the parents or guardians binge drink. Most teens feel that they don’t have control over their lives so they go and do things to get attention or respect because they don’t regularly get it.

For children in the United States, violence is a very common occurrence. Research shows that 60% of teens were victimized directly or indirectly more than once. This research definitely shows that violence is a very common occurrence and that it is possible to happen more than once. All of this violence can spell out a lot of bad things for the juveniles it affects. There are physical injuries that go along with the violence that occurs.

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Obviously, Physical injuries are harmful to your physical well-being. Physical injuries are a painful and visible result of violent behavior. Even if the juvenile wins or loses the fight it is likely that the juvenile will come away with some gruesome injuries. One of the life changes that occur to Juveniles is that their grades will drop. Once their grades drop it is hard for them to get their grades back up. Juvenile violence is promoting bad grades in school and that is not good.

It is possible to detect future delinquents. If the children in the family have parents that are binge drinkers or the parents cannot support their family with emotional or financial support this could cause the child or children to be future juveniles. Another reason juvenile violence occurs is because teens join gangs. The teens join gangs because everyone is welcome. Also, gangs aren’t classified by racial or social class boundaries.

Gangs are more common to form in communities without social support groups. The main reason young people join gangs is because it supplies them with something they want or need. They could either need physical or psychological needs. Also, teens join gangs because they get a level or a status so they feel important. They also receive protection from the other members in their gang.

Some other people join gangs just for the criminal activity. Others feel they receive brotherhood, an extension of their family, so the teens will join to stay with their family. With all of the violence going on with juveniles there is also serious punishment as a result for their actions. In most states, Juveniles under the age of 18 are tried as adults in certain crimes. In 2007, 9% of all juvenile offenders were sent straight to criminal court. For these juveniles there are many different sorts of punishments.

When a juvenile is sentenced to house arrest the juvenile must stay home with exceptions of school, work, or counseling. There is also Juvenile Detention Centers. In a Juvenile Detention center the juvenile will go for a short stay. It is similar to a correctional facility. There is also the option of adult jail, a fine, or community service. There is also one more way of punishment.

This last way is probation, which is one of the most common ways of punishment. When a juvenile is sentenced to probation the juvenile will be supervised at all times. Probation is most commonly given to delinquents who commit minor crimes. The offender must follow specific rules. If the rules are broken the delinquent could be put into am institution.

Otherwise, the offender could be put into foster care as a method of keeping juveniles out of the institutions. Being given the information present has your thinking about Juveniles changed? It doesn’t seem fair that a 15 year old who murdered 2 people will be sentenced to 30 years but a 35 year old who killed 2 people will be sentenced to life in prison. I will ask the question again. Once you turn 18 you are legally am adult but are you mentally an adult?