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This summer I was in a camp were we did a lot of hand on learning. I still remember every thing we did. We went to places we learned about it. It was really fun and it stuck with me. We need more hands on learning in school.

It will help kids with every thing we learn about School is boring without any thing to do just taking notes wile getting a lecture all day. Mrs. Velasquez at Evanston middle school has this little quote thing on her board saying I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand. Kids do better when they learn by experience or by doing what they are learning.

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In science if you are learning about the heart your teacher could go get an animal heart like my 7th grade teacher Mr Haider. I understand that schools might not have the money but sometimes it is worth spending some money to help kids learn better. Hands-on learning involves the person in a total learning experience which enhances the a persons ability to think Better. By David L. H.

and Peter R. You can have fun while learning you may not believe that but I did. Ya you are worried kids might get hurt or ruin something but the risk is worth the learning ability. Kids that are struggling in school may be able to learn and understand From experience everybody learns better by hands on learning even adults I was teaching my little brother his math problems with fingers and by the way I learned and now he is doing excellent in math. When my mom was in medical school she worked on cadavers and now she knows every part of the human body.

Purdue university says that hands on learning by little kids is better than text books or lecturers. Hands on learning can change the way kids remember things we did maybe do a hands on activity before a test. You don’t have to go to a fancy place or do a fancy activity just go get some thing cheap from Walmart or something and get things that can fit in what your teaching or learning get some friends to gather and do an activity that can help you before a test When my brother has a test I do an activity with him and he does good on it. In spanish class we do activities and signs that help us remember all the words. My dad went to Collage for mechanics on all vehicles.

If He didn’t have hands on learning by building cars and all of the other vehicles he wouldn’t be as good as he is. If Neil Armstrong didn’t train like he did would have men on the moon? If mike ti son didn’t train would he have been that good until he bit that dudes ear off?Hands-on learning has become a common phrase in science education. If we have hands on learning it will help us be more advanced. If scientist didn’t do experience we wouldn’t have cures for disease. Or have the things we do now.

Hands-on learning is learning by doing. I always do remotely good on those So if you are a teacher than do more hands on learning but if you are a student than practice hands on learning.