What about sports?

So many people earned scholarships to go to college by being involved in sports. So why should we get rid of sports at the high school, just so we can save money? By all means that’s selfish and greedy. Teenagers love sports; it can make them want to achieve to keep their grades up.

Some may actually get a scholarship to go to college. A reason why sports should be allowed is, kids love sports! When it comes to the time where teens can join up for sports, they go nuts. A majority of kids enjoy sports. When you see kids outside, what are they most likely doing? Playing sports! A lot of teens’ love to win. Sports would be a good way to win.

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Also sports can motivate kids to keep their grades up. No I am not crazy. If they want to participate they must have a passing grade, sometimes they have to have a “B”. If their grades are not good, then consequences will be served. Kids realize they need to keep their grades up.

I know when I was in sports; I made sure my grades met the standards. But most of all, teens could get a scholarship to go to college. You might say, “well can’t their parents pay for them?” Some parents may not have enough money to pay for college. A lot of scholarships go out to athletes. Scouts go out and look for young athletes in high school. It would be an honor to be able to get to enroll into college early.

Many colleges ask for people who had done extra curriculums, like music or sports. Others may say sports are getting in the way of these teens’ priorities. Here is its weakness. I believe that teen athletes should consider making sports a priority. Kids do get injured often during sports.

But most kids think it’s all worth it. In conclusion, schools shouldn’t be so selfish and keep sports. Kids love it and it keeps their grades up. Some even get scholarships for college. So why take that chance away from them? We can’t let the school board let go of sports.

Sports need to stay!