When their used to be school.

My Mom told me that once upon a time their used to be a such thing as school. School as in where you actually go and learn something. School has turned into a war zone, fashion show, and a prison. Kids are being bullied because they can’t afford the latest fashion. Girls are parading around in low cut shirts and skirts.

When did school become a bedroom? Oral sex and actual sex being done in empty classrooms, stairwells, and lunchrooms. We’re being patted down when we come into the school. “Take off your studded belt, your diamond earrings,” they say, “Now walk through.” “Put your bag through the scanner. ” “Is that a water bottle I see? Throw it away, it might be bleach.

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” Fire alarms are being pulled in the middle of class. Weed is being smoked in the bathrooms. I’m safer in the street than at school. Windows are closed and nailed shut, so we wont get any ideas. Teachers are just handing us worksheets.

What happened to teaching? Teens are bringing guns, knives, and bombs. I’m more concerned about my safety than my education. We are being set up for failure. No more after school activities because of budget cuts. Their are overcrowded classrooms.

I’m beginning to forget what it felt like to learn. But apparently once upon a time their was school, a place where you actually go and learn something.