Why Continue? Free Essay Sample

Many students wonder why we have to learn things in school that won’t help later in life. For example, why do we have to learn about Shakespeare, spending lots of class time on that when we could be learning about getting jobs or how to pay taxes. Why can’t schools corporate with one another instead of having competition? This world is rapidly changing, look at the first phone, created in 1973, now look the new phones being created these days impressive right.

We took an idea and expanded on it and look at how far we have come, it took 43 years to get to that point. Now look at a classroom 150 years ago, now look at how we’re currently teaching. You know the word Education come from the Greek word Educare meaning to draw out or draw the talent out of a person, but that’s not what schools are doing because they are just filling students with the information they need to pass the test. By this, they determine who has a bright future, who is going to fail, but I think we shouldn’t be categorized people because when you say someone’s stupid they often believe that and act that way because you have made them feel that way. You know the number one asked question in school is “is this going to be on the test” you see more students worry about the test, not the learning process. Every child is gifted but it’s the school job to help that kid achieve that dream they have inside.

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One suggestion is to look at what Finland is doing. Another is to lower the amount of test because they make students stress and reducing them will make students happy and with a happy mind, we can learn more effectively.