Why School Uniforms Stink

“NO!” comes the cry. What are they screaming against? The threat of school uniforms.

School uniforms are completely unnecessary, too expensive for some families, oppose student expression, and are disliked by students. A dress code accomplishes restriction of inappropriate clothing without complete restriction caused by uniforms. First, many families wouldn’t be able to afford the uniforms. Many families all over the world have at least three children. This puts a lot of stress on their budget. Buying uniforms would just waste money that could go towards food or bills the family needs to pay.

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And then there’s still the increased cost of laundry detergent, water and electricity needed to clean the uniforms. Second, uniforms stifle student’s major form of expression that is always on display: their clothing. Uniforms usually consist of a white shirt or blouse, trousers for the boys or a skirt for the girls, and (Heaven forbid) a necktie. ….whoop-de-do. **coughcough** BORR-ING! **coughcough** With uniforms, students are forced into identical dress that takes away all personal expression.

With a dress code, people can still wear clothes that show who they are, not who the school board wants them to be. Lastly, students dislike the idea of wearing uniforms. I took a survey of 10 random kids in my class. 2 liked the idea of uniforms. 80% are against the idea.

If that trend continued through my school of 11,070 students (which I highly doubt), only 2,214 would want uniforms. Again, over 2,000 agreeing is highly unlikely. (Nothing against the 2 who are for it.) In conclusion, uniforms are both unnecessary and unpopular. A dress code would succeed in keeping inappropriate clothes out of school butstill let people express themselves.