Why Uniforms?

I believe that school uniform is very unnecessary.Uniform is one a waste of money.But,many people may disagree with me.For example,according to the article “Should Students Have To Wear School Uniform”proponents says that school uniform makes schools safer for students” and creates a “level playing field that reduces socioeconomic disparities”.I respectfully disagree with this statement.

I believe that when not having on school uniform you know what is best to play in or for the activities taking place during your day.With experience from the schools that I have attended,uniform was mandatory.Many scholars uniform received rips and was in horrible conditions,but you have to buy back clothes in order for them to attend school.But,when you wear regular clothing not all the time your clothes turns out into a horrible condition during the day.Further,demonstrating my point that school uniform is not needed and is a waste of money.

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In Conclusion,my point is that you can purchase cheaper clothing then the cost of the uniforms,further,demonstrating my point that school uniform is a waste of money.