You Don’t Care About Life?!

As I sat about in a day at my current school, my classroom was all awfully talkative, it gets me annoyed that I have to recieve the punishment just for acting the right way. “We are a team” mentions one of my 6th grade teachers. A team you say? But if I do good, shouldn’t everyone get the same grade, such as we’re all getting the same punishment. Afterschool, occassionally I talk to the kid thats been getting us in trouble. He simply answers.

“I don’t care.” So wait, if he doesn’t care about the school, won’t that mean he won’t get a good job in his future, by glancing at him, his direction is far left than right. That road is irregular to his eyes. At recess, he really likes to take advantage and often shoves and pushes many innocent children outside. Is he your typical bully? He seems to never care about any schoolwork, I don’t ever see the student perform any movements with his pencil/pen.

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I never see the child turn in any homework assignments. What is up in his brain? He also makes very inappopriate sounds at the painfully wrong time. (During SERIOUS testing hours.) I’m starting to think, if he doesn’t care, he probably doesn’t care in life either as well. I had this student in the previous school years, it was the same action patterns over again, year after. I really hope this kid shapes up well, as I noticed some qualities over him.

I hope he realizes what he is doing wrong and starts to fix the broken pieces, piece by piece..