The pressure of trying to have a healthy body is so straining.

Physically, it’d take about two months if one is in shape but very persistent, but mentally the mindset must remain for a lifetime. Honestly, I can only do about half of the things to maintain a desirable body. I constantly want to work out, but junk food is such a problem considering I have a notorious sweet tooth. Now I can cut out soda and most sugar infested drinks, but something about baked goods and chocolate is something that is stronger than my willpower. Many people have been successful having a six pack or even just losing a lot of weight, but right after, have lost all of their gains from pigging out on fatty foods.

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From an iconic body to an average nobody, when the mentality is gone, so is the physical performance. Either by genetics or because the adolescent is lazy, when they’ll become an adult, they’ll typically gain more body fat. The newly adapted adult will lose muscle because the body, with age, needs more maintenance, but gets less time due to working or other grown up chores. Due to less time to work off body fat, it makes it more vital to manage time, but the few times one has to themselves, they’ll lay down to rest their weary bodies. It is best for a teenager to take advantage of their current free time to get at least a healthy enough body so that in the future that can be relieved at least a little.

For those who just have a bad gene to be a larger person, must have a higher willpower to not consume many fattening products and have a goal as to where they’d want their future bodies to look like. It may seem a little difficult but the end results could end up becoming a lifestyle of cutting out junk food and staying on the track for responsible health. Health is more than just what the naked eye could see. It’s how properly your body can operate by itself. Having a healthy body could bring you more than just positive attention. It can bring you a happier, longer lasting life.