Albanian Dropout

What Happens To Rich Albanian Kids When They Drop Out School There are many students in Albania who don’t study in school. The students that aren’t rich say that they don’t have a reason to study for because in their future they are still going to be poor.

This is a very bad thought because maybe in the future they can make some money if they study, but they don’t think this way. The rich students here in Albania think differently from the students who don’t have a lot of money. They think that they don’t have to study because they already have money and what they do is only spend it. What they think, is worse than what the poor kids think, because when they’ll get older, they will lead the business that their parents have, but they will probably fail because they have no idea how to manage it. By doing this they can probably end worse than the poor kids here in Albania. I have seen many businessmen here that lose money because they don’t know how to manage it.

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What they think a quick solution to that might be, is to get loans in bank. Now this is not a solution, this is a bad idea because they are not that smart and they can’t make the money in a very fast time because they have not studied before about business. They lose money and they get even more money from the bank which is even worse because if the number is going to go higher and higher and they can’t pay it, in the worst case the bank can even take their house. This is what happened to a businessman that i know and it happened to him because he didn’t know how to run the business he had. Now he doesn’t have any money like he had before.

He works for a company as an employe and his salary is 500 dollars for a month. Now what I’m trying to say is that the students who are rich and don’t study here in Albania, have a high percentage of ending up like this guy or even worse. The parents of the rich kids here in Albania are also a cause why their children don’t learn in school. They are a cause of this because they do not interest a lot how their kids is doing in school and they don’t tell their kids that they should learn. Some of them do, but most of them don’t. What they do is only buy expensive stuff that their kids want to and that’s it.

Now this is a big problem because if the dad or the mother want their kid to become like them in the future how do they expect them to be so successful when they don’t teach anything to them and not only about school, but also about the business they have. So overall it’s not only the kids fault that they don’t learn, but it’s also their parents fault and the idea that the rich kids here in Albania have for their future is wrong and they might end up really bad if they don’t start learning.