All Things Considered: Career Day

This day spent to understand the career choices I have ahead of me has affected me in some fairly unexpected ways. Not only am I thinking of my choice of career, but also what types of choices the past generations had compared to me. This advancing world is constantly finding more and more ideas of knowledge that it’s difficult for such a simple mind to keep up.

With almost the whole world open for a common persons’ exploration, I feel that I won’t have the time to enjoy all of Earths’ glory and splendor. The opening speaker for today’s events spoke of how my generation has more opportunities than anyone else before. He spoke of how we would be foolish not to take advantage of these times, but also that it’s tough work to get what we want. I highly appreciated his input because due to his age he had insight on the past generations and how they compared to ours. The past generations did have fewer choices, but in some sense I envy their “simplicity”. As we all move into our future, I only hope we’re able to understand that a fast paced life is holding us back from seeing the simple joy of life itself.

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With all things considered, the time we spend can only be spent once. In order for the next generations to continue the legacy of their ancestors, we each need to do our part in passing on the wealth of knowledge. No matter what career choice we choose to pursue, each one requires knowledge of some form. One new discovery in knowledge leads to several other possibilities. In other words, the growth of knowledge is exponential so that even now there is no end in sight. Another amazing feature with the pursuit of knowledge is that there’s no age limit.

As school finishes, the career itself gives plenty of opportunities for new knowledge to be found. Through trying different tactics, a person can learn about what works and what doesn’t. Even after the career is done and life is near its close the experiences of past life can be used to solve everyday challenges. If a person is fortunate enough to have a child or children, their able to hand their knowledge to them in order to continue the exponential growth of knowledge. As long as an apocalyptic event stays far away, the lives of Earths’ inhabitants will continue to grow complicatedly knowledgeable.

Despite all these complications, there’s only one point needed to remember; there’s only one person who can control what happens in each of our lives.