Ask Ben From One Tiger to another: Pajama Jam

Dear Ben, I’ve been hearing about this Pajama Jam Dance. What’s it all about? Should I go? What should I wear? Sincerely, A Timid Tiger Dear Timid Tiger, Of course you should go. It’s a great opportunity to hang out with your friends outside of class and maybe even meet a girl or two! If you don’t want to meet girls, then just show up and be with your brothers for a fun night. You should also go because it is the first Pajama Jam in seven years.

We were finally able to bring back this iconic dance and you should be a part of the historic event. As for what to wear, I think a lot of people are taking this way too seriously. I heard some guys talking about wearing sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt. How drab! I think you should have more fun with the theme. Like, for example, one student said he’s going to try to fit into his girlfriend’s HELLO KITTY Pajama pants.

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Perfect. I myself will be sporting some pretty stupid pajamas. Finally, we’re allowed to wear sunglasses and hats as long as they are appropriate. Look around online for inspiration or maybe in your parents closets. Good Luck, Ben