Bye-Bye, Bully

The article, “Bye-Bye, Bully”, by Michaela H., stood out to me the most because it is a great reading for anyone in general. It shows people that you do not have to change anything about yourself just to please them because you are perfect the way you are. Also, you should be proud of who you are because you are your own person inside and out. Always remember that in the end the bully will always be the loser in the game because they are truly the weaker link. I can connect to this article greatly because in the third grade I was bullied for wearing glasses.

The bully would call me four eyes and that I looked stupid for wearing them. It got to the point where did bit even want to go to school anymore. But one day my mom told me that everything will be okay and to stand up for myself. So I did what my mom told me to do and since that day I have always brushed things off and moved on. So just remember you are stronger than you think.

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