The Bully

As a child, or even today, how many of you were bullied? It is a common thing that happens all over in elementary, middle, and high schools all across the nation. it is not something that just happens as a kid in elementary.

Yet there is a difference from the time of our grandparents being bullied to now. Schools are more dangerous. Now students have weapons such as guns and knives and they don’t seem to be afraid to use them for real. this paper will cover bullying of today, why a bully bullies, and how to effectively prevent the bully from going any further because it may lead someone to harming themselves or worse. What would you say bullying is today? Most would say there isn’t even bullying going on today in schools, or anywhere else, but there is.

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It may just be a different form. like cyber bullying involves everything cyber-such as email, Facebook, myspace, Twitter, text messaging, ect. Bullying today is very dangerous because kids have found a way to get weapons and know how to use them. There are even hundreds of reports on school shootings because a kid was being teased by a lot of people and had enough.

Columbine is an excellent example of this. It appears that accessibility for a teen to get a weapon is to easy in today’s world. weapons are even located unintentionally in the home. The main weapon in this case is a knife which many people have at least one for cutting foods. Regardless of weapon availability, the age old question is as to why a bully bullies. They do so to make themselves feel better.

To establish a form of dominance over someone, this again makes them feel better about themselves. When a person bullies another person it is usually on purpose because they want to make that person feel like they are lesser, or maybe that they do not belong. Another reason a person would bully is because they are jealous of the victim for a reason such as looks, cloths, money, friends, basically anything that involves that person. Again, this all leads back to the bully themselves and their self esteem or anger towards the victim. When you are being a bullied, what do you do? Most people, a student at some school for example, would just ignore them and hope it would stop. Well this is the wrong thing to do because bottling things up and pretending something does not exist does not solve the problem and can even make thing a lot worse when you burst.

How ever, if the bully urges you to fight then you should not take action. This would only make you stoop to their level, get you both into trouble, and hand the bully more power. Don’t respond to your bully in any way, shape, or form. What you should do is find the closest teacher or administrator and get help. They will help you with your bully situation. If this still does nothing tell another adult you trust or even go straight to your principle and tell them yourself and in person and how you feel on the matter.

Action will be taken heavily against the bully at hand and you will be all the more stringer for dealing with them.