Case Study on Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Case Study:

Rapid prototyping is the technology of the rapid modelling of the certain object in order to demonstrate its view and qualities to the client before the production of the original of the item. The prototype is later improved and developed further in order to satisfy the slightest needs of the client. The term is also used in the information technology to characterize the process of the creation of the certain software and demonstration of its qualities to the client.In the technologies the term of rapid prototyping is used to characterize the process of the creation of the prototypes of various physical details before their final production. Approximately in the 1980-ies began the development of the technology of creation of the 3D objects with the help of turning, milling, electric discharge machining, stamping, heating, press and sculpturing.

Nowadays, due to the development of the computer technologies, the 3D prototypes of various objects are created with the help of a computer and the computer images are even more convenient for the analysis and evaluation. The practical value of rapid prototyping is very high, because it helps to evaluate the qualities, characteristics and the shape of the object and decide whether the item is worth production. The advantages of rapid prototyping are even more important, because the speed of the production increases and its value reduces. Moreover, the company becomes more flexible and able to compete on the market producing more and more cheap prototypes in short terms increasing the choice of its products. Of course, there are several disadvantages of rapid prototyping, which are connected with the low quality of the prototype.Rapid prototyping has opened new opportunities to the humanity, because enables to increase the rates of production and the choice of products on the market.

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When one is asked to prepare a rapid prototyping case study, he will need to research the case site attentively and collect much information about the direct problem to be able to analyse it well. The student is expected to learn about the cause and effect of the problem, related with rapid prototyping and brainstorm a good solution to the problem sharing knowledge and experience with the professor.The best way to cope with the process of case study writing effectively is to use the advantages of the Internet and its sample papers. The student can read a free example case study on rapid prototyping in the web and learn how to analyze the topic correctly and use the right methods and sources for the research. A good free sample case study on rapid prototyping can teach students to format the text correctly and compose the most appropriate structure for the paper.