Case Study on War

War Case Study:

A war is a conflict between the political organizations: countries, tribes, political groups which occurs in the form of the armed opposition with the use of troops and weapon. Naturally, the aim of a war is to impose one’s will on the opponent. One subject of politics tries to alter the opponent’s behaviour, make him get rid of his freedom, ideology, rights on property, deprive him of resources, territories and aqua territories.

It is generally known that a war is a radical way of conducting politics. If one can not solve the problem or conflict in the traditional peaceful way, a war is the only way out. The war is not limited only with the military conflict, there are other aspects which make it even more dangerous and devastating for both sides. Along with the quality and quantity of the armed forces such mechanisms of influence as economical, ideological, informational, etc. are also important for the combat and complete victory.

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Sometimes it is not enough simply to defeat the opponent, but one should change his mind and make him obey and never protest again. There are different types of wars, the most serious one is the total war, a conflict which has grown to the radical uncontrolled extent. The wars can occur between the certain groups of people in the boarders of a country and they are called rebellions. The main tool of war is the army. The quality and qualification of the troops plays the important role alongside with the orders and strategic skills of a professional commander.

A war has always been the most dangerous and harmful thing in the history of the human civilization. The main negative features of wars are innocent victims and economical destruction of the side which loses the war. On the other hand the human civilization developed only due to wars, because the results of the conflicts were appropriate for the further development of countries. A good war case study is supposed to be informative and explain the meaning and the purpose of wars from all sides. One should analyze the problem deeply, find out about the factors which provoke wars, the methods of war and analyze its consequences.

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