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The Hunger Games and The Hero's Journey

The Hunger Games is nearly everything a reader could enjoy. There’s action, adventure, romance. Not to mention the metaphor for unequal social classes…In the book, Katniss Everdeen leaves the familiarity of her home and family. She embarks on the journey that will lead her to the arena where the Games take place. Katniss breaks the […]

Bread and Circuses: Panem Vs. United States

Over two hundred years ago, a country was formed. The people’s blood, sweat, and tears flowed together to create a government and society of what would become one of the most powerful nations in the world; a country that was formed with thirteen colonies. Only five years ago, a new country was created from one […]

A&P by John Updike

“I look around for my girls, but they’re gone, of course” (Updike). The story takes place within a grocery store and focuses on the main character Sammy who is a teenage boy. Sammy becomes distracted one day at work by a group of girls who walk in with nothing but bathing suits which he has […]

I May Succeed if I Do Try

The poem I May, I Might, I Must shows us that Marianne Moore believes that nothing is impossible and that your attitude is everything. Basically, it says that if you do not try, you will fail. Marianne Moore believes that if you think something is not possible, then for you it isn’t. However, if you […]

The Last Lecture

Life is a wonderful and horrifying thing. It can hold some of the most wonderful and pleasant surprises such as working with Disney‘s infamous Imagineering group; and it can be terrifying when it throws ten malignant tumors at your liver. One moment you’re accomplishing a childhood dream, and the next, you’re facing an adversary like […]

Beat Generation

An author who has significantly impacted my life is the Beat Generation novelist, Jack Kerouac. Most of his novels were centered on adventure and reevaluating one’s lifestyle. This is what the Beat Generation was about, according to American writer, Amiri Baraka, “The so-called Beat Generation was a whole bunch of people, of all different nationalities, […]

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is one of the world’s leading energy resources. It provides us with about 15% of the world’s energy (Gilani). Nuclear power plants produce about 20% of the United States’ power (11 facts about nuclear energy.). This form of energy was discovered by Henri Becquerel, a French physicist, in 1896 (How does a nuclear […]

Human Overpopulation

“The human overpopulation issue is the topic I see as the most vital to solve if our children and grandchildren are to have a good quality of life -Alexandra Paul. ” Alexandra is right. If we don’t start raising awareness and start teaching about overpopulation, we are going to continue to grow and there won’t […]

Exhaustion of Oil Reserves – The After Effects

“2010 study published in the journal Energy Policy by researchers from Oxford University predicted that demand would surpass supply by 2015, unless constrained by strong recession pressures caused by reduced supply or government intervention.” Oil is one of the most important gift of development. It is required in various fields and with the current level […]

The War Economy

“Never before had the federal government poured so much energy and money into production or assigned such a great army of experts to manage it. This marshaling of resources involved a concentration of power in the federal government that exceeded anything planned by the New Deal”- Out of Many, 3rd edition. While the war was […]

Vietnam and Afghanistan Comparison

The Vietnam war occurred during 1955 to 1975 and the afghanistan from 2001 to the present year. This war have many year spreading them apart and even the people fighting in them see things differently. Time lapse and soldier are different but this two conflicts have three main things in common. The fighting in Afghanistan […]

Elephants and What They Symbolize in Different Religions

My cousin had brought to my attention that elephants symbolize many different things in many other eastern beliefsSo I did some “research” ( By “research” I mean obsessing. reading article after article, video after video ). Elephants have been popular in many beliefs, mythology, symbolizm and popular culture. They are also famously known for being […]

Harry Potter Free Essay Sample

Through the endless number of authors who have written an even more endless number of books, many ask questions. Often in works of literature characters gain wisdom through experience. In this composition, Harry Potter a very well known fictional character will be an example of gained wisdom through experience. The Harry Potter series are a […]

JFK and his Killers

John Fitzgerald Kennedy came into this life on May 29, 1917 and left it nearly fifty years later. The thirty-fifth President of the United States was assassinated in 1963, on the twenty-second of November, killed by a shot to his head. The death of this great and inspiring leader was a shock that rippled all […]

A’s and B’s

Before this quarter, I have managed to get all A’s throughout my 8th grade year, now, I have a B and a C in two of my classes. All of my teachers are cramming these important tests into the last few weeks of school. My mom, who is a teacher, understands this and says it […]

The Stress of College Planning

“The important thing is to strive towards a goal which is not immediately visible. That goal is not the concern of the mind, but of the spirit”. This quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery portrays how Americans feel about a future goal and how Americans feel the need to always be ten steps ahead. The adolescents […]

Antony's Speech

Throughout your life you will almost always use persuasion to make someone think or do something differently. People use all different kinds of techniques to try and persuade your train of thoughts into something they want. In the play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, you see a few different uses of these techniques in play […]

;Under the Influence; Review

Drugs and alcohol are violent murderers. One may fight to the death against these monsters, but all their troubles were in vain. This is the case in the short story, “Under the Influence” by Scott Russell Sanders. In the story, a boy takes on the demons of his father. The boy’s father is a raging […]

Should Our Food Be Labeled?

Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require Genetically Modified (GM) food to be labeled as such in the U.S? Genetically modifying food is the process of crossing the DNA of one plant or animal with the DNA of a different plant or animal. Some crops, such as tobacco and […]

Virgie Mae's Viewpoint of the Dinner Part

The neighbor lady next door, I believe her name is Louise or Lou Ann or something like that, had called and asked me if she could use my portable television. I had told her yes, that she could borrow it. After all, it’s not like Edna could watch it. And what would I do with […]

A Review of Scott Russell Sanders "Under the Influence"

Their are three main characters in this story. The father, the mother, and the narrator. The stories about a family dealing with a large problem in the U.S, alcohol. The father is a big alcohol abuser and no matter what the mother does to change it, he wont stop. The narrator explains how living with […]

What Is Religion?

According to The Washington Times, did you know that eighty-four percent of the worlds population is religious? That’s about eight out of ten people that you see are religious. So, what are these religions? Why are they important? Where did they come from? These are some of the questions that people may wonder. However, they […]

Why Are You More Creative At Night Than You Are During The Day ?

As my head rests on the fluffy pillow, with my eyes gleaming white against the white ceiling, looking at the monotonously rotating fan, my brain is running crazy with imagination. Although my eyes have the image of what I see on the ceiling but in reality, my brain has the images of what my imagination, […]

Russian Roulette HIt and Miss

The Last Day of the Romanovs by Helen Rappaport was a historical book. It’s the story of the Romanovs’ after their dynasty was destroyed. The family of seven were taken to Ekaternburg. There the Imperial family suffered with sickness, Alexy, their son’s illness, and close quarters. The book goes day by day starting July 3 […]

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

“What does the title of this play mean in relation to Virginia Woolf?” The phrase “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?” correlates to the Disney movie, “Who’s afraid of The Big, Bad Wolf,” which was the animated version of the “Three Little Pigs” nursery rhyme. The comparison is a play on words with Woolf’s name used […]

Christine de Pisan: A Prayer

“Oh Lord, how can this be? Unless I commit an error of faith, I cannot doubt that you, in your infinite wisdom and perfect goodness, could make anything that wasn’t good. Didn’t you yourself create women especially and then endow her with all the qualities you wished her to have? How could you possibly have […]

Cross-Dressing and Coach Driving

Gender equality is a hot topic in America, with many universities offering gender politics courses to students. While suffragettes and flappers may be well-known to the American population today, most movement towards gender equality remained near large cities. In contrast, Western America remained relatively free of striking women figures, such as Lucretia Mott, until later […]

What Aliens Really Look Like

As kids we were fed the thought of little green Martians, you know, with antennas, and three fingers? Modern day animations and graphics paint a much grander picture. Take Avatar for example, the Holy Grail of foreign life motion pictures. It’s complete with glowing plants, pterodactyl-like (and candy-colored) creatures, and let’s not forget the gargantuan […]

School During Summer?

Some people argue that students should be in school during the summer break, like other countries may do. I believe that that policy is ridiculous. Summer time allows kids to learn about themselves in a way that you cant at school. Take camp for example, camp teaches teamwork, and helps kids gain confidence and independence […]