Man is referred to as a social being. Relationships are traits that motivate everyone in the world to live together especially by getting married. However, some people decide to marry, but fail to deal with the challenges it has and eventually chooses divorce as a solution to the problem. Moreover, the rate of divorce has increased in the modern world rapidly because of poor relationship between a husband and wife.

As a matter of fact, divorce has erupted majorly due to a lack of efficient communication, stress and emergence of new policies of a gender.The first cause of divorce is a lack of communication. Many people are busy following the financial status in each family (Tomasi, 2012). Consequently, there is no time to share problems with their partners. Thus, it makes a divorce possible.

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Some couples are afraid to discuss problems they have and decide to keep all the worries to themselves. As a result, a mere problem can later be taken as an enormous problem leading to divorce. It is therefore necessary to use effective communication mechanisms to reduce the rates of divorce.Secondly, another cause that has led to the increase of divorce rates is stress. For one to get something in the modern world means devoting oneself to work only.

Nevertheless, families have been kept under pressure to meet their needs. For instance, a person may wish to have quality education offered in a prestigious school or university that will make him or her become marketable in the job industry while struggling to fend for one’s family at the same time. Unfortunately, when an individual fails to be employed or the amount of the salary is inadequate for the expenses of the family stress increases leading to divorce. It is therefore worth noting that stress caused by high cost of lving, for example, unemployment can break a marriage.Lastly, one of the significant causes of a divorce increase rate is that women have greatly changed their roles in the society. Initially women were known as housewives or housekeepers loyal and obedient to their husbands in everything.

They earned nothing because it was the duty of a man to provide a family with all the needs. Thus, it was impossible for a woman to divorce her husband. However, this is not the case today due to equality policy that has forced men to share household chores such as cooking and washing. Certainly, it is clear that women have become independent because they can now earn money and cater for their living expenses on their own. Accordingly, nothing but a divorce rate has risen.It can be noted that these causes of divorce rate have led to numerous effects of divorce cases which can either be positive or negative in the society.

Furthermore, the effects of continuous divorce rates are negative. Majority of couples are normally bound together with the responsibility of raising their children. Every child will be happy if brought up by both parents. However, the occurrence of divorce may have a direct effect on this child. It will be traumatized by the events forcing him or her to make wrong choices in life (Tomasi, 2012). Some children who grow up in single parent families opt to escape from their homes as a result of this separation of their parents and become street urchins.

They are not able to get basic needs that add value to life such as education making them engage in negative actions such as crime, prostitution, and drug abuse.Nonetheless, some effects of the rise in divorce cases are positive. For instance, when couples agree to divorcce because of the irreconcilable differences it may be healthy for an individual to concentrate on other life matters. A person is free from responsibilities and is able to do other things that can make him happy without interference with each other’s lives. Mostly, it is women that benefit from divorce because they are relieved of the pain caused by non-functional marriage. Children also experience positive effects of the divorce emotion.

They are free from heartbreaks caused by divorce. Frequent conflicts and quarrels between their parents finally come to a standstill. The children are able to find their path in life and get high self esteem. The spouses furthermore are able to benefit from divorce when the court intervenes in the division of their income equitably. It helps them manage their finances for the sustenance of their children.

These are some of the positive effects of a marriage separation for couples, children and people around them.In conclusion, I still insist that a husband needs a wife to be happy and vice versa. Despite the number of files on divorce cases raised in courts in America today, the two must still remain together to form a healthy family. Staying side by side with each other is what they need in spite of the upheavals that increase due to ideological differences in marriage (Hank, 2011). Currently, divorce occurs because of the lack of communication, stress caused by modern life, and the empowerment of women that has led to both positive and negative effects.

Couples without children see it significant to divorce with their consent to solve their differences while those with children should ensure that their children should not be victims of the broken relationship. Nevertheless, people should think wisely before choosing a life partner in order to lower the increasing rate of divorce.