Don’ Think, Just Act

“I can’t believe you!” She was screaming at him for what seemed like the hundredth time. You would think she would know better by now. She so desperately wanted to take him back but people don’t ever change. She knew that all too well. But what she didn’t know was that he had thought about apologizing.

However, that was the problem. He thought about it but never actually did it. My mother had once told me,”Your actions define who you are as a person.” and now I fully understand what she meant. It seems so simple to be able to say or think “Yeah I’ll do it later.

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” or “I’ll do it when I have free time.” but, what if that free time you thought you had was ripped out of your hands? What if you had unintentionally hurt the person you love more than life itself and thought about apologizing but death claimed their life? Sometimes it’s okay to not think and just act. It’s okay to follow your that gut instinct that made you put everything on the line and just go for it. I’m not trying to say thinking is a bad thing or putting thought into something is bad. It can actually be very beneficial to you.

But if you knew your car needed gas and you thought, “I’ll just get gas at the next gas station.”, even though you just passed a gas station, and you later eventually run out of gas, what would you do? There are a few things in life that don’t require much thought just an action that can make a world of a difference. I personally believe your thoughts will get you nowhere. It’s your actions that will get you far and define who you are now and later possibly define your legacy.