Don't Say No

There are billions of schools all around the world, each with hundreds of children.

One of the most formidable problems in schools is bullying, ranging from verbal, physical and cyber-attacks. My belief is that a child’s appearance is one of the most common reasons for bullying. I strongly believe that if school uniforms where mandatory everywhere, the percentage of bullying would dramatically decrease. After all, don’t we all wish our loved ones to be happy in their school environment? If so, you should also believe in school uniforms because they do have a positive effect on lives. As previously mentioned, I strongly encourage uniforms in schools to help stop bullying, which has become increasingly common now a day. Evidence of my statement is shown by The American Justice Department bullying statistics that show, one out of every 4 kids will be bullied in their adolescence.

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Why put someone in the danger of bullying, when it has consequences like depression and suicide? Less fortunate children or those who dress differently could be potentially bullied. This happened to one of my close friends and it led to her seeing a therapist for low self-esteem and depression. Cases like these are not scarce. Moreover, the daily stress of deciding what to wear to school every morning can become stressful and affect the child’s behavior and attitude. We need to be aware of these problems which children may face, and take action so that the children of this generation and the next will have one less thing to worry about. By contrast to my opinion, critics will say that school uniforms don’t allow children to express themselves.

However, I beg to differ as children may express themselves through make up, shoes, personality, views and more. One does not express everything about themselves in clothing, therefore wearing uniforms will not limit your ability to show who you are. I am a student who is forced to wear a uniform, I do not feel as though I can’t express who I am. I am content with wearing a school uniform because it’s one less thing to worry about and it shows that everyone is equal, no one is above anyone else. In conclusion, the subject of school uniforms is very complex although many of us don’t realize this. Many students take the side of no uniforms however, they are just considering what they want.

Schools need to take into account the well- being of all students. The stress of choosing what to wear each day, making sure you haven’t already worn that shirt, trying to look like everyone else and fit in can affect children. With the pressure and stress of classes and homework students don’t need anything more to worry about. Barry K. Weinhold, a well-known author, states “Bullying is the most common type of violence.” No one deserves to or should have to go through that.

Therefore, let’s improve children’s lives and make them less stressful by not saying no to school uniforms.