Dress Down Fridays

For the past few months that I have been in University Academy Charter High School, there has been only a few dress down days. I really haven’t really seen any dress down days.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had dress down day every Friday? I believe that we should have dress down day every Friday because it is the last day of the school week. I think that most of the students would like that because, really, who wants to wear uniform on the last day of school. I personally would like the fact that it would happen all the way through senior year that we could wear anything we want on Fridays. I believe that we should only pay a dollar. Perhaps it should be fifty cents if you get free lunch one dollar if reduced, and one dollar and twenty five cents or one dollar and fifty cents if you pay full. If you lie about your lunch being free, reduce, or paying full (who does that), then they would check the lunch forms to double check.

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This would be a great idea. Dress Down Friday would be the best day of the week because that is the day where all where all the kids and even the teachers could show off their fashion. I also think we should wear hats on Dress Down Friday. It would be a good thing to do because the hats may match with what we wear plus it’s a non-uniform day so we should be allowed. Hopefully Dave could have a break on collecting everyone’s hats. I bet if there were to be a poll for Dress Down Friday, everyone would vote and most would vote yes to have it on Fridays.

What would you vote for?