First Day at Scool

It was 15th April 2013 when I as a bright student entered into the classroom and was appalled to find no one over there.

Well in the mean time, my all friends reached there and started chaffering, teasing and making fool to every person who entered into the classroom without checking his name on the section list which was attached outside the building block of our school campus, almost near to Block “C”. The most felicitous moment was that when Mr. Satin Chabad entered into our classroom and introduced as our class teacher for this pedantic year. It was also one of the most unanticipated craziest moment when he said that children I didn’t know your name even though I had taught you all the previous year. He then said that he would announce the class monitors names today itself.

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Astonishing, I was chosen as the second boy monitor whose duty was to maintain the discipline in the class. Firstly, I was happy but later on I realized that it was a pretty difficult task and it was my bad luck that I was chosen as the second class monitor. I realized so because Mr. Satin had handed me some of the tasks which no studious child would to do so. I was least interested in them.

Gong struck and this how our first period began. It was English period. Our English teacher’s name was Radhika, she had hazel eyes and long beautiful pointed nose. her face describes her as dumb and inactive but diametrically she was most active of all the teachers and was full of thoughts. She dictated us a formal sample letter containing. Some English words, which were out of our vocabulary.

She lectured us to maintain discipline in the class and not to go out of the class unnecessarily. Gong struck and this declared the end of our first mattering but a bit drilling English period. From then nothing so excited happened. Our class topper Ms. Anukruti was so the first girls monitor. She unnecessarily showed off and coded my name in class’s list of notorious children.

Yet I agree that I am a bit notorious but my deeds always have a certain cause, there I hadn’t done anything but she claimed me guilty. This proved her most cruel and savage personalized girl in our class. At 1:45 pm gong again rang and our first school day over and we all in excitement boarded our buses and went back to our lovely homes.