Friends Are Something You May Want On In Life

Being can be terrible for some and maybe even worse for others.All we know is that being alone is never a good thing.Being alone might mean that you are depressed or struggling, but how does one know of others emotional cries.None of us know what someone else might be going through.We might be able to relate, but we can’t put ourselves in their shoes.We can’t feel their pains, but we can be there to comfort them.Friends or not I won’t let anyone feel pain.I will make as many people happy as I possibly can.I won’t sit aside while someone suffers.I will be there for you my friend forever and always.A friend can understand your pain, but can they put themselves in your shoes?Think a moment what friends are put in this world to do.A friend is someone who lives to comfort you.A friend is someone who sticks up for you.A friend might even be there to protect you.Friends are found in many places.Friends are known to be there for you during hard times and you’re there for them.Friends are good things to have.You don’t need friends, but friends like you for who you are.You and your friends might have some differences which is good because you get to learn new things that you might have not heard before.Friends are not something you need, but something you may want later on in life.