Get Over Yourselves!

Throughout the day at school, I often find myself asked to do menial work for other, usually older, non-honors, students, made the target of derogatory comments about my physical appearance, mannerisms, or political beliefs, asked increasingly personal questions by people I don’t really know, and, to top it all off, treated like a narcissist or megalomaniac when I speak up for myself. So, and I know I’m alone in this, I have one thing to say to fellow teenagers across the country. Get over your collective selves! I’m sure I’m just as guilty as the next person, when it comes to this, or at least I admit that I think I am. But when I offend someone else, I don’t immediately assume, like most other high schoolers do, that they “deserved it”. I feel bad I hurt their feelings.

Why shouldn’t I? And yet everyday I see another example of self-righteous, self-deserving teenagers forcing their will on others. Again, I am constantly asked to do work for students in the Sophomore, state-mandated class I take, and yet when I refuse, politely at first, but they continue to ask, they say I am being selfish. When I make suggestions in a group project, for which they never do the work, I am controlling. When I’ve had enough of their comments and attempts to annoy me, I’ve gone crazy. So, enough already! Another problem I face is the ever-growing teen ego. Every class period, there is at least one narcissist, and usually more.

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That one kid who thinks they have the right to tell you what you do is wrong and why, to tell you what to do it and when, and make fun of you, or, worse, Get offended, when you call them out on their behavior. You are not the center of the universe, Get used to it! Finally, I can not stand two last little things. One, People who stand in groups or couples in the middle of the hall, or walk double-lane up the stairs. What is that? Get to class, it is not talking time, get out of the way and get to class. Secondly, This need to make comments, and judge, about what I do or think, or how I dress, or what I say.

I am not some crazy person. I dress fashionably, or at least I like to think so. I don’t have crazy beliefs that I spout out ad nauseam, though I do respect everyone’s right to their opinion. I don’t do weird things, or have weird interests. And despite what it might seem, I do have a large number of close friends. I also seem to catch flack for respecting adults, especially teachers, respecting other students, and getting offended when a misogynistic or racist comment is made, despite the fact that I am both white and male.

Just because I have a respectful personality, I try to be nice to people, and I care somewhat about my appearance, other students feel the need to judge. Now, I realize I, too, am a teenager, and I am being particularly harsh by speaking in generalities, but the truth is, teenagers in general are unpleasant, narcissistic, self-entitled, and rude.