Heading to My Dream

Dreams matter they are the reason why I’m here without dreams it’s like a car without tires, my conflict is to get my masters degree and successful in my major. My dream is to go to college and achieve my goals, I have a mindset of getting to college then Uni getting my masters in software engineer. I used to dream about modeling or be3ing an but i realized that it’s impossible for a kid like me. I use to not do my classwork not paying attention because I Hada mindset of being a model or an actor but now, I’m Working my ass off. In order to make my dream come true I need toget a good score in the SAT test and getting a 4.

0 GPAgetting the classes that are required for colleges and university and im trying to get IB classes next year for my transcript to look good and asking for advices from people that have been through this i’m trying to take right classes in highschool and i wanna find out what classes do i need to take in order to get into my dream college or straight to university. I need financial help because in order to get into a good college and University I need money soI can afford what i want. I can find the help from my family applying to scholarships working hard my main focus right now is to get a good grade in the SAT.

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