How We Feel as Teens

I like how parents try and show us “Responsibility”, and yet have the urge to scream at us if we make a mistake. People say this term alot, “You’re only a child”. What makes a parent an actual parent? Because they birth us? You cant really make a choice in the womb,wether you wanna be a boy or a girl. If you want to ge tall or short. Its genetics yes, but to use the term constantly “Your only a child” is laughable, even when they ask us “Stop making excuses in life” and i can bet you however our parents did the exact same thing.

We as children dont notice we take among our parents but its not just our biological parentsthat we “Imprint ” on. Your probably saying to yourself “This person isnt making any sense” and turn off. Well i admit im crap when writing. But if you want to proceed be my guest, it is “A free country”. Although a nation will never truly be free. Anyways, i like the fact some parents dont learn from their childhood, and those that do? Take it the wrong way.

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I know there are parents out there actually trying. But it annoys me how much i hear the term “Your just a child ” and “When you pay the bills you can do whatever you want”, well obviously we cant because of something called CHILD LABOR LAWS, and the fact the jobs we aquire arent “in best taste ” of our parents. We all need to make money someway. Just to Clarify, that doesnt mean you can use sex or sell drugs or rob banks. Some of us, however, dont normally get a second chance until later in life and after we committed a crime.

Continuing on what really grinds my gears is the fact Adults made all these rules trying to protect us, and use the excuse “Your only a child” . How many children do you know that did great things in life? Wolfgang Mozart,Pablo Picasso, and if you ever looked up children in OUR civil war, Johnny clem. There have been child Assassins! But thats not the point. The point is this, let a child take a spot among our Leaders in a UN council, and let them talk about OUR issues instead of the Adults destroying cities and wiping out families and if theres a child left then ask them “How can we help”?I know i must be confusing you so rerread. Main point? Adults think they do things to protect us, but sometimes their “Protection ” isnt everything we need