Learning? At School?

There is so much more to school that everyone needs than just reading and writing.

Yes, core subjects are important, but maybe not the most important. Think back to when you were in kindergarten, how much did you really learn? That is when you made new friends that will potentially last a life time, learned how to work with and communicate with others without having a huge argument over who gets the cookie, to express your feelings, and develop your talents and passions. Think of if you were homeschooled, you are possibly only with your parents and siblings ALL….DAY….LONG….

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If you think that you get in arguments with your family now I could only imagine being taught/ being in the same “class” as them? Some parents may think that if their kid doesn’t go to school then they’ll be safer or less distracted, but that is not the case. So, school develops not only your brain, but your ability to be social with others. If you just stayed home and didn’t talk to many people every day possibly by taking an online course, it could be really awkward later in life to present a speech or even to work with strangers. Also, school can be an amazing creative outlet for many people. Maybe you’re good at football or soccer but your family can’t afford for you to play competitively. School can help that.

Or maybe your passion is painting or drawing and all of your work just gets piled in your room? School can help that. There’s also a possibility you can sing like you couldn’t believe or were a saxophone prodigy, but you didn’t have the opportunity to share it with the world. School can help that. Studies have shown that between the regular days and extracurricular activities a lot of kids spend more time at school than with their parents! Studies also show that you begin to act like the person you are with the most. Could that be your best friend at school? School could also possibly help define your personality that can lead to many important things in your life.

I know people who were so shy and don’t want to talk to anyone and then something happens at school where they are forced to communicate and it changed their life forever. School also teaches its students many life lessons. At school teachers consistently manage to always pair you up with the kid who doesn’t do anything, the kid who smells, or the kid who you think makes your life miserable and now you have to actually talk to them. That is like a scale model to a possible job you might have when you grow up. You have to just put all feelings aside and work together to get a good grade or possibly in the future, to keep your job. Plus, depending on what school you go to schools can provide kids with some amazing technology.

Kids have the opportunity to learn how laptops, desktops, smart boards, graphing calculators, and at some schools even IPads! Some kids calling when they grow up may be computer programming or graphic design and if you don’t go to school you may not have the opportunity to learn about technology. Therefore, someone may never know that’s what they were good at that’s the direction they wanted their career to go into. Nowadays, five minutes after a teenager gets a Facebook they have 200 friends! I would bet that they know a majority of the people from school, because they talk to tons of other kids their age all day. Kids who don’t have the opportunity to go to school most definitely 100% miss out on many many things.

Everything you know you have been taught. Some from your parents, some from your friends, and definitely some from your school, but…. with that being said school helps in many aspects, homeschooled or not, but the act of being at school for 7 hours a day is what really helps you go the extra mile.