Middle school Essay Online

Hell is normally perceived as a fiery place ran by a little red man with horns. I however, have no need to presume what hell is, I have already lived it. Four years of it to be precise! In summary; awkward creatures roam about like vultures looking for prey to pick at, to fit in. The hallways were engulfed by the stale aroma of teenage body odor, and the strong mist used in attempts to smother it. Middle school was not a blissful time for 80% of us.

As for the other 20%. you have obviously never experienced the warm embrace of the toilet seat as you ate your lunch. You were also probably the minority of the student population that didn’t require braces, nor did you feel the need to burn your year book, and your hair didn’t accumulate “texture” with every mere increase of humidity. My mornings started off with me rollerblading to school I quickly learned knee pads aren’t cool even if the are pink, but they do a mighty fine job of fighting off the neighbors cat. Although mornings were never a high point.

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Journal time was always a blast. Now if I had written an index to my journal it would have contained only three topics. Today a boy looked at me, Today a boy smiled at me and the mother load…

. Today a boy and I brushed shoulders in the hallway. Looking back I laugh and think about how pathetic I was for caring that much, for trying that hard and for striding to be something I clearly was not (the whole Avril Levine look didn’t work for me) Even though I look back and laugh at myself, I can’t help but miss it a little. Sure it wasn’t ideal, but everyone had a connection. Not saying this connection was always one worth having, but everyone knew everybody.

For the most part everyone acknowledged there peers without any obligation. Today I walk through the hallways with out doing so much as smile at the people that were once such a prominent part of my life, and I have to wonder: Was middle school really all that bad? In conclusion, middle school may not have been a a great time for all of us, it was a roller coaster with its peaks and plummets, but it was most definitely worth the ride.