My Cosmetologist Dream

My dream is to become a Licensed Cosmetologist, now how do I make this dream come true ? Here are the steps i will take to make it happen. First I want to graduate High School no matter what ! What will help me graduate High School is to be at school everyday on TIME and have a 3.0 GPA. Second i want to have a stable job and a car. After High school I want to go to a beauty school or join a beauty program at a community College and finally be done with school.

When i have a my shit together i want to work on myself and work on the inner me. I want to try to become a better person each and everyday i want to learn how to love myself and care for myself, not just that i want to know my worth and know what my purpose on life. I know that in the future i know there will be some challenges coming my way and i know that there will be times where i want to give up but i will always try to remain with a positive mindset. During frustrating times i want to just remind myself that i can get through it if i just try. I know that once i become a Adult i know i will have to make some changes and also take leaps and try new things, i know that there will be times where i have to sacrifice some things in my life but this is my dream and i will accomplish my mission.

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If i ever need help i know who to ask and i know who would actually help me and that is my family my older sisters .But I know that i can get this all done as long as i get support from my family and friends, especially support from my mom and my sister Koalee. I know that these steps i?ll take in the future will help make my dream come true, if i put my mind to it. The reason why i want to become a Licensed Cosmetologist is i want to help others find their beauty and i want others to feel big and nice about themselves not just that I am pretty good at making people pretty i was built for this and hopefully one day ill be able to run my own business.