Race time modes

Do you know what makes your cars faster? There are many different ways to make your car faster. One way you can make your car faster is by decreasing the weight of then car, and then increasing the horse power. To increase the speed of your car you can change the weight, horse power and aero dynamics. Weight is the one thing that determines the speed of your car. In the article on sciencechanel.com it says” the heavier something is, the harder it is to move it”.

This means that the more mass something has the harder it is to move, or that more power is needed to move it, therefore the lighter something is the faster it will move. This also means that when you reduce the weight of the car but keep the same amount of power, the faster it is. This is important because you can use it for racing if it is faster. Horsepower affects the speed of the car. The force which moves the car is called horsepower. The greater the horse power the faster the car will go.

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Horsepower is the power in your engine. That is dividing then to make top speed. In the article it says “power is a technical term. It does more than sells cars and, in fact, can aid a winning race. Unfortunately its true naturally is something poorly understood, even by car enthusiasts. Power is also often put in unnecessary rivalry with another engine output metric maximum torque.

This can also mean that the more torque is has the faster it is. What I think is that more power it has the more speed will have and fuel and energy traveling through the engine faster. Aero dynamics also can affect the speed of the car because it is the force of the wind pushing against the material. In the article it says” most of us thinks of air or wind as a wall. At low speed and on days when it’s not very windy outside, it’s hard to notice the way air interact with our vehicles. But at high speeds, and exceptionally wind days, air resistance (the forces acted upon a moving object the air-also defined as drag) has a tremendous effect on the way a car accelerates, handles and achieves fuel mileage”.

Any flat surface will create wind resistance. Which is the wind pushing back against the car. So the shape of the cars that are rounded so it brake smoothly though the wind and air. In conclusion I think aero dynamic it the most important to reach your top speed, also because your car wont reduce by the air and wont drag you back. Now that you understand what I mean .

you can make your car faster for racing .make your car do better and fell better and faster. The way you can make it faster is aero dynamic, by dropping it to the ground and the body kit that make it break thou the air. Also reducing the weigh and on necessary parts and weight this that are not use full for racing. Also by increasing the hose power which increases the speed of the car and increasing tire size witch increases speed and horse power .The way you can make your car feel better and faster