Company: ProteusCustomer: revolverSubmitted by: Montgomery-Baird is the online careers site from News Network, the digital arm of News International. It carries thousands of job listings and is the only website to carry jobs from The Times and The Sunday Times.

revolver also offers original and up-to-date content and expert advice, which adds value to job seekers and is both practical and entertaining.revolver carries listings for a wide range of positions and industry sectors, including finance, IT, sales and marketing, secretarial and legal. Among other tools to help the job seeker, revolver offers an email alert service that will tell job seekers about job opportunities that match their search criteria, saving them time and keeping them up-to-date with the latest opportunities.revolver stands apart from other recruitment websites as it is free for employers and agencies to advertise as many jobs as they like. They just pay £10 to reveal contact details of CVs that meet their requirements.

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This gives them a totally risk-free opportunity to reach the thousands of job seekers who visit daily.

The Solution

proteus provided revolver with technical consultancy and hardware configuration. Fitting in with the full suite of teams that made the project possible, both agencies and in-house resources, proteus ensured the smooth transition from technical concept to reality. To an aggressive deadline, proteus provided both the technical consultancy and the implementation manpower.

Lead consultant, Andy Hedges, said, “We were able to provide News Network’s revolver with the technical expertise and project management skills that are essential for realising an internet opportunity. was already a quality product, with good backing. It now has the hardware and systems architecture to ensure that it is successful in a highly competitive market.”Joff Sharpe, General Manager of revolver, stated, “Proteus was instrumental in the construction and implementation of The combination of technical consultancy and people management skills that Proteus provided helped ensure that we are able to bring our clients the most comprehensive online recruitment service available.”