Rough Life of School

I am going to explain my feelings and opinion towards school. Many students may agree to what I’m about to say, even some teachers and parents. Do you guys feel like we wake up to early for school? Do you feel like all the work they give us is too much or enough? What about the hours in school? School can be very stressful to students, even teachers. But it’s like teachers and parents don’t understand where a lot of students stress comes from. I’m talking about high school.

High school can be very annoying, stressful, depressing and saddening. Homework has to be one of the most annoying things involving school. Who wants to go straight home after school and do more work? I mean, we do sit in school for seven and a half hours. So who would want to go home and do more work, instead of spending time with their family, maybe even take a nap, watch TV or play the game. I know I wouldn’t, but I have to in order to pass my classes and get good grades.

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The hours that are involved with school is the most annoying thing in my opinion. Waking up 6:00AM is quite stressful, unfortunately some people even have to wake up at 5:00AM just for school. Then teachers always suggest the same thing “maybe you should go to sleep early”. It’s not easy to just close your eyes and go to sleep every night. Some people have trouble sleeping, some people want to stay up and enjoy the rest of their night. Some people may be stressing so bad that they can’t sleep.

Teachers never think of things like this. They always assume that students stay up because they want and then wake up and complain about having to wake up early and go to school. Or what about being in school for nearly eight hours? With only a thirty minute lunch break, students don’t get enough time to talk to their friends or get some rest from school work without teachers complaining. Some teachers may look at things differently. Some teachers can understand where a lot of students are coming from when they talk to them about stuff like this.

Some teachers don’t even care, they still expect you to wake up early, come to school, work, speak when spoken to, go home and do homework then repeat the same steps until the weekend is here. I’ve complained to teachers myself, and they even agreed with me. They even admitted that they can’t just go to sleep right away, or how long and frustrating it is to go home and grade student’s papers. They even admitted it interferes with their home life like with their kids and/or husband/wife. That’s depressing. Other teachers just say things like “get over it” or “life isn’t fair” or “it isn’t that bad”.

I think they should just speak for themselves. Can we just admit the fact that I’ve already said enough to annoy you about school? I mean, it has its pro’s to it. For instance, to some people school is a great time to see friends they never see outside of school. Some people like the fact that they’re going to school to learn. I’m not saying I don’t like learning, but it can be annoying sometimes. Maybe some people like to come to school to get away from their problems at home.

Everyone has different opinions towards school. It can be exciting and depressing all in one. I just think the school district should think about cutting us some slack, like a long break. I get tired of waiting for a shorts two and a half month summer break. Don’t you?