I’m the one you would think is just an athlete, the person that is labeled as a jock. I’m the person people judge without ever getting to know me because they think i’m that simple. I am not a jock and i’m not that simple.

A jock to me is someone that is an athlete but is also a jerk, someone no one wants to be around because they’re rude. I enjoy anything school related, I enjoy homework, I enjoy writing and reading. I like to set a goal in every class, I like the feeling when I know I completed my goal. I also think theres a limit to how much work we get in school and all the pressure we have that is hard to ignore. I feel like I am always doing something whether its going to school, going to basketball or softball, or doing your homework until late at night. I never have time to sit and relax.

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My routine is school, homework, basketball or softball, homework, sleep repeat. I don’t even have time to have dreams when I sleep anymore. I usually fall asleep with my homework in front of me. I don’t even remember the last time I fell asleep without homework in front of me. I decided after my accident I would look at Orion’s belt every night if I can find it.

I think by just taken a little time to look at Orion’s belt I will learn that I can slow down and I should every once in a while. I find it hard to not even hardly have time to look at the stars or have dreams because you’re exhausted. My freshman year is nothing that I thought it would be its better but tough at times.