School, After School

Homework. Too much or too little? I say too much. Every student from the youngest to the oldest has an opinion on homework. I am a student, and I think homework should be nonexistent. You go to school to learn.

You go to school to work. But what occupies you after school? More work. Why do kids spend hours of their day learning and working and then finally after the last dismissal bell rings to set them free for the day, they still have more work. Now, lots of people bring up, well they have to study if they have a quiz or test coming up and I understand that, if there IS a quiz or a test. Doing a worksheet to strengthen your brain before a graded assignment can never hurt. Lots of kids have after school activities that they do.

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Whether it be sports, a club or a school play, they don’t have time to be doing homework. Homework can cause lots of stress. There was this one point in my seventh grade year where I had a week of just stacks of homework piling on my desk. It was frustrating. It got to the point where my attitude was really poor towards my parents, teachers and even friends.

I was sick and tired from homework, and so were my parents with my attitude. Homework isn’t necessary. Kids learn enough in school and don’t need to be working at home after the hours they already put in during school. Lots of kids don’t even start homework until after dinner, which means they could be up late doing homework, then affecting their amount of sleep. Dr. Craig Canapari studied students and he found out homework is affecting kids sleep time: He found that less sleep can lead to obesity; more likely to develop insulin resistance, which is the precursor to type 2 diabetes; a significant cause of automobile accidents which is the most common cause of death in teenagers; depression, anxiety, and irritability are all associated with insufficient sleep The only homework I am okay with would be reading a book.

Reading a book or passage is always good to learn more and strengthen your vocabulary. Homework is something that doesn’t need to exist in todays society with technology and other things we can use IN school rather than at home.